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Hot Mess

Our newest concoction has become a crowd favorite! It’s very correctly named The Hot Mess, loaded with Mango chunks, white chocolate and topped with HOT CHEETOS!

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Big Joe

Molly B can’t start her day without a lil bit of mocha! And, she loves to add a lil booze to it, too. This lil nugget is an amazing way to start your dayz! Fresh ground coffee with whole beans, milk chocolate chips and Rum!

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Royally Awesome

Molly B’s personal favorite and the Cookie that started it ALL! Loaded with white and milk chocolate chips, fresh coconut shreds, macadamia nuts and Spiced Rum, these are SO delish!!

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The Tea

This sweet cookie is infused with earl grey tea, lavender. and smothered with white chocolate chips under a creamy lemon frosting, and ooooozing with vanilla bean vodka extract!

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The Bossman

Maple, Bacon and Whiskey, I mean, do we really need to say any more? Cuz we also threw in white chocolate chips for good measure.

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Pina Colada

Who doesn’t want an escape! This cookie will do just that! Packed full of flavor with white chocolate, shredded coconut and coconut rum, topped with white chocolate and fruit pebbles!

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Straight Fire

These are soooo yummy! Loaded with mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, Cinnamon cereal, and Cinnamon Whiskey!

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Be Cordial

Milk chocolate chips, maraschino cherry chunks, and Amaretto for the win! These are DELICIOUS!

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Plump ‘Em Up

Molly B has collaborated with Season 9 winner of Food Networks Cupcake wars Kastle Kreations to bring you the most powerful Lactation cookie ever!

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