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Molly Bz

Molly Blakeley is the CEO and Founder of Molly Bz Inc. Her gourmet “boozy” cookie business started with her last $150 as a single mom who had to feed her son. In just over three years, Molly went from hand-mixing cookies in her kitchen in rural Alaska to becoming a national brand. Molly has appeared on Buzzfeed and Wheel Of Fortune, and her products have been featured in International Emmys gift bags, Oscars Gifting Suites, QVC, and Martha Stewart Magazine’s Tips and Trends in May 2022.

Molly Bz cookies are sold in various gourmet and boutique shops in the USA and four other countries, making their way into big box stores and an airline by the fourth quarter of 2022. Molly also launched Cinnapuns, a new clothing line themed with hilarious baking puns and graphics for all ages and genders.