A Life of Small Business Success

How it All Started

Business is in her Blood

Business is in her Blood

Molly was raised by entrepreneur parents. From the time she was just a small child, she was right in the middle of everything her family did with their small businesses — and there were several.

Finding Passion

Her family diner, called Sals Diner, was where she started her love for the food and drink business. (Pictured in middle)

A business empire

Her parents started and sold many businesses during her childhood that Molly worked in, from restaurants to roller rinks, bowling alleys to radio stations, clothing stores to catering companies and more! Molly learned at a very young age how to run and work all of these businesses.

Molly B's first Business

Molly got the bug and started her first real business in junior high putting rhinestones on peoples’ jackets for a quarter each! Then, at age 17 she started a dress buying business for girls who needed an original dress to wear to a dance or occasion called Molly B Originals.
She then did a Dinner theater out of her mother’s diner and it was a huge hit! She sold out every night and had a blast doing it.
She started her first stand alone business at 25 called Molly’s Flower factory. This was started by borrowing $10,000 from her father’s credit card, and 16 months later she sold that little flower shop for $100,000.

Doing it all

She dabbled in everything she could think of, from being the first woman to bring Roller Derby to the state of Alaska to owning a 200 seat restaurant, bar and 33 room lodge.

Small Business Guru

All together she did 13 businesses in just over a decade. All in a small town of just 4,000 people.

Keeping it Real

Mollys life hasn’t always been easy. At one point, even though she had had all this success, She made one wrong move (trusting the wrong people) and found herself down to her last $150. As a single mother, in a rural town of just 4000 people in Alaska. So, Molly took her 30 plus years of experience in the food and beverage industry, borrowed a friend’s food trailer and started a taco stand on the side of the road. She and her 10 year old son started selling Halibut tacos!
People started asking for something sweet, so Molly started making gourmet cookies with Boozy extracts and Molly Bz cookies were born!

Food Truck Fun

Molly Bz was created when she had sold her bar and restaurant and decided to start a food truck with her son after watching the movie CHEF. They did a halibut taco truck right in the middle of town during a busy summer of 2018.

Molly Bz Cookies

Customers were asking for a sweet treat and the cookie business was born! See the video for Molly Bz whole story!

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