How to Be Fearless in Business

How to Be Fearless in Business: A Crazy Simple Guide to Starting Your First Business by Molly Blakeley presents the practical steps to entrepreneurial success in a refreshingly conversational tone, as if Molly herself were giving the reader business advice over a cup of coffee. Molly takes a brave approach to business dreams, asking the reader the question, “Yes, your business could fail, but what if it didn’t? What might happen if you were fearless?” Drawing experience from a lifetime of entrepreneurship—thirteen startups that either succeeded, failed, or went well beyond any of her hopes and dreams—Molly walks the first-time entrepreneur through everything they need to know about starting a business in layman’s terms, from getting a business license and negotiating rent, to business branding and market research. This guide was made to be used and loved, so earmark pages, make notes in the margins, and be fearless!


“Alright y’all… I rarely put my name behind something or give reviews, but in this case 5 STARS is just not enough! Molly hit this book out of the park. I went into it thinking I would brush up on my new biz skills as I already own a small biz, but i was blown away after reading just the first chapter at how much i didn’t know. Molly lays it all out there for you with an honest answer. This guide lays it out step by actuations step with real resources you can start implementing that day. Her amazing sense of humor and writing style has you feeling like she is sitting right there with you talking to you over a coffee and one of her amazing cookies….. if you haven’t already TRY the cookies you world will never be the same. so thankful to have found this book my business has already profited greatly from what you will find in the pages.”

– Molly M.

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