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Molly Blakeley, owner of Molly Bz Inc., attended the 2019 Start up Hub at Forbes 30 under 30 Summit earlier this week after Molly Bz was selected to exhibit as one of the top 150 start ups of 2019 by Forbes out of thousands of entrants from around the world. Through this selection, Molly Blakeley was able to connect with some of the brightest minds, investors and entrepreneurs, gold metal athletes, entertainers and more from around the world and share her passion for the Molly Bz brand.

The Forbes Start up Hub inside of the 30 under 30 Summit is “the world’s greatest event for young leaders, founders, investors and creators” according to their website. Over 9,000 people from around the word attend each year. Past events have featured famous speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Jessica Alba, and Malala Yousafzai. This Year Serena Williams took the center stage alongside 200+ other world class speakers.

The Forbes Selection and Summit follows on the heels of Molly Bz contract signing with Sysco distributors to distribute Molly Bz cookies throughout Alaska as well as around the world. President of Sysco distributors Alaska, Mike Pyzaik, raved over Molly Bz recent booth addition to their food show stating “Molly Bz was the hit of the show”.

Her natural aptitude and passion for entrepreneurship led Blakeley to a startup lifestyle of her own. Launching 13 businesses in multiple industries, from a gift shop to a restaurant, bar and lounge. Molly Blakeley is currently the owner of East Gate Management and consulting, helping others with their own startup dreams or how to get unstuck in your current business. She is also the founder of Molly Bz Infuzed foodz, a fast growing specialty products startup, that’s currently the first ever single pack 3.5 oz gourmet cookie to hit store shelves in America.

In her free time, between running her businesses and raising 3 children, Blakeley recently wrote the book How to Be Fearless in Business. It was published in July where it released at #1 in 2 categories! In the last chapter, Molly attributes her success not only to sound business principles but also to her faith in God. She hopes that her book will give it’s readers the courage to follow their business dreams with the same passion that she has followed hers.


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